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About Us...

SEASONS FARM FOODS was established in 2009. It started as a small venture selling excess home grown meat and eggs to friends, family and work colleagues. We were so thrilled with the positive feedback we received and the endless requests for more that we decided to expand our range and outlets.

Many of the ingredients used are sourced on our own smallholding or are purchased from fellow farmers market traders so we know their origin and can truly say they are local.

We believe that more than ever people want to know the source and origin of their food, preferring to purchase homemade and locally produced goods to those mass produced for the supermarkets

Due to our rural location, we decided not to open a shop onsite at the farm preferring to show off our products at the local farmers markets and food festivals. We are always happy to talk to our customers about our products via telephone or email or if you fancy a trip into the country to discuss your requirements face to face you are more than welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!